The Organization of the School

If you are reading this you may be interested in working at MBAT. It is important that you understand how the school is structured and this post, describes the organizational structure.

The school is owned and managed by BAT.

The school is administered by the BAT Board of Trustees consisting of the founders, the school Principal, the accountant or Bursar, as well as nominated posts from the local community, one elected member of the teaching staff (two elected per year; one can be present at each meeting of the Board) and a parent governor.

The role of the Board of Trustees is to oversee the good functioning of the school.  This includes financial management and strategic planning.  The Board ensures that the school remains true to its founding principles and mission statement.  It makes a bridge with outside agencies.  The Board makes plans for the future of MBAT and the MBAT brand and may hire staff and set up subsidiary governing bodies for offshoots of the main school.

Operational Management

The operational management of the school is entrusted to the school Principal and the Bursar.  They share the services of the school office consisting of the accountant, the admissions secretary, and the academic secretary.

The Bursar manages the finances of the school and supervises all ancillary workers including the secretarial team, cleaning, grounds maintenance, security, farm and nurse.

The school Principal and the Bursar will be appointed one year before the official opening of the school.  The Bursar will create and manage his team while the Principal creates and manages the academic team.

In consultation with the Board the Principal will devise job descriptions for the key leadership posts in the academic team.  At start up this will consist of

  1. the Head of Kindergarten and Pre-school
  2. the Head of the Elementary Community
  3. the Head of the Junior or Clubhouse section
  4. the Head of IT Services. 

On this chart you can see the breakdown of staff, divided into the three branches of the school:  Hadiqa, Sama and Bahr.  There are also services common to the whole school, represented on the following chart:

The Principal will appoint the Head of the Upper School who will work within the Junior School as an extra teacher, learning the principles that underlie the good practice of community management.

The Principal trains the team leaders and works with them to write job descriptions for their respective teams.  Team leaders are given discretion to create their own teams.  We expect to recruit qualified, competent and imaginative professionals with strong motivation to prosper in a school with the unique characteristics of MBAT. 

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