Professional Development

Happy teachers make happy schools. Quality and relevant professional development is at the heart of good practice. MBAT aspires to provide an exciting and changing environment that will provide challenge and opportunity to all its teachers.

Professional Development

Professional development is continuously monitored.  Requests for training form a part of each termly chat and are reviewed in the post term SMT meeting.

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Training occurs at different levels.  Staff start work one week before the commencement of the school term.  In this week the school will arrange training, which it will negotiate with training providers or offer itself. 

Pre-school training

This training may include:

  • CPR and First Aid Training offered by the Senior Nurse
  • Calendar and administration
  • Cross-phase issues
  • Training in the use of the Online Portfolio system
  • How to run community meetings
  • Health and Safety and Risk Assessment
  • Project-based Learning strategies
  • The Flipped Classroom
  • How to use the Farm
  • How to use the Sea

Teachers and Phase Leaders may offer training during this week. The Principal and Phase Leaders will be attentive to examples of creative good practice within the school and will offer a small bonus for skills-sharing workshops.  Over time we expect to be able to offer training to other schools and education providers.

Distance Learning

All teachers will be expected to get certification with Google Educate.  The distance Learning Coordinator will be responsible for training new staff in the use of Online Portfolios. 

The Principal will lead the creation of the Flipped Classroom environment with the assistance of the Distance Learning Coordinator.  Teachers will learn how to create subject content online using the MBAT model and publish it through the school channels.

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Non-directive classrooms

The school benefits from the assistance of specialist advisors in the set up and running of non-directive classrooms.  These experts will be available to offer training sessions specifically geared to the different phases in the school.  The Principal will supervise the training program ensuring that it covers all ages.  It is the Principal’s responsibility to ensure that there is continuity in the educational provision.

External Training Providers

The SMT may take advantage of vetted training from external training providers.  When Bahr opens specific training needs will become apparent, depending on the examination route the school chooses to take.  If we take the AQA route, for example, teachers may need to take specific training for teaching syllabus materials.

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