A Letter From the Principal

I am an academic type with a wide range of interests, including painting, poetry and gardening. Over the past twenty years I have been supporting small free schools as an independent consultant. I live in Asturias in the North of Spain with Carmen.

Jason Preater MA, PGCE, PhD

This school is exciting. It responds directly to a feeling shared by many people: schools should work with Nature, not against it. The idea is not a new one. It has roots in the traditions of many different cultures.

It grew out of a set of questions that Solen started asking when she became a mother. Since September 2020 we have been working hard on the institutional framework, the curriculum and the core policies. The mission of the school is clear, the organizational structure is coherent and we are ready to put onto paper the designs of teaching and learning spaces.

I am going to need many talented people to push the project forward. You might be one of those people. So, what am I looking for?

I expect teachers to be fully qualified, competent and professional. You don’t need any special training aside from your teaching certificate. I don’t support one pedagogical method over another. You will be employed because we think you are competent and capable, not because you have the right beliefs about education.

This means that if you apply for a job here you have to convince me that you are a good teacher first and foremost. The rest we can work on.

Needless to say, the rest is the tasty and important part. What happens when you let children play freely, give them age appropriate activity rooms, and leave them to sort out their own problems? If you are a good teacher, you should be curious about this. It will be a challenge that will reward you professionally and personally, even if it is not easy to step back and allow children to do things for themselves.

Free Choice of Action and the community structure of the school are non-negotiable. Please read the information carefully and decide whether this is the school for you before getting in touch with me. I am not going to change the character of this school because you have a special experience of another one. I want people who can work within the structure of our Mission Statement and Core Principles.

If you accept those terms, you will have a lot of freedom here. You will be trusted to do the best for your classes using the full resources of your personality and experience. You will join one of the teams- Hadiqa, Sama, Bahr- and will work with your colleagues to create a stunning learning environment. If we employ you, it will be because we have seen that you have the potential to be extraordinary. We will support you and assist you in developing that potential.

Interested? If so, then read some more. Have a look through the blog. Read the webpage itself. And, once you have a clear idea about the school, send me an email. I am looking for great teachers right now and you could be one of them.


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Supervise all academic programs at MBAT

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