Human Scale

What do we mean when we talk about human-scale education?  There are many features of this school that are designed to be human-scale.  We have even looked at an organization going by that name in the United Kingdom.  It promotes small schools, community awareness, parental engagement, good management and humanly-relevant learning.  These are all issuesContinue reading “Human Scale”

Teachers’ record-keeping

We limit our demands for information on both teachers and children. It is important to do this because we live in a world where it is often assumed that the more information the better. We do not agree with this. We think children benefit from times and spaces where they are not being watched, monitored, measured and controlled.

Dialogue, Community, Compassion, Nature

Teaching The taught curriculum adheres to the Reduced Formal Curriculum (RFC).  There are documents detailing the curriculum content and the Tracking Mechanism for the Core subjects.  Lessons are clearly structured.  They have a learning objective that comes from the RFC.  Teachers are proficient in expressing the learning objective so that it can be used asContinue reading “Dialogue, Community, Compassion, Nature”