Pre-School and Kindergarten

Fuzzy Houbaras Preschool: A Bridge connecting Families to Bayt Al Tabiea

The family is an important foundation in our lives and culture in the UAE.  We aspire to build a strong partnership with our children’s parents and guardians. Our preschool is established to form this connection before the formal education years start in Kindergarten. 

Fuzzy Houbaras Preschool will focus on daily play and learning activities. Parents will be involved in the learning process as they will be required to accompany their child to the school.  This emphasizes the bond between our school and parents in the eyes of our children.

Our school is small and we want an intimate family feel.  Parents have the choice to enroll their child in as many days per week as they wish. There will be a morning and an afternoon session.

When it is time for Kindergarten, children will already be familiar with the Hadiqa School and will not have the high stress that is so often a part of little children’s lives during early school years.

The preschool promotes positive values so that children will begin to understand how to become a member of a learning community:

  • be willing to share and take turns with others 
  • be able to relate to others 
  • be curious and able to explore independently
  • be able to listen and speak with understanding 
  • be comfortable and happy with themselves 
  • develop physical co-ordination, healthy habits
  • participate in and enjoy a variety of arts experiences 
  • love their families, friends, teachers and school 


The ‘Kindergarten Curriculum Framework’ emphasized that while early academic competencies in numeracy, literacy (reading and writing), or science are necessary and should not be overlooked, the enduring effects of social and emotional competences are of even greater importance for the holistic development of a life-long learner

Tan 2007 

At this stage children will learn mostly through play. There will be few formal lessons. However, through each activity and play, children will naturally learn important concepts in Mathematics and Literacy, as well as develop socially and emotionally.  There will be mirrored activities in English and Arabic to reinforce vocabulary in both languages. 

The overarching theme in Hadiqa is the Garden.  Teachers will incorporate practical activities on the Farm into their teaching schedule, with a focus on growth and respect for nature.

There will be six learning areas:

  • Aesthetics and Creative Expression
  • Science: Discovery of the World
  • Language and Literacy
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Mathematics
  • Social and Emotional Development

Teachers will be guided to create learning experiences for the children using the principles of:

  • Constructivism: allow children to construct their own knowledge
  • Facilitation: to be facilitators of learning
  • Authentic learning: to use “realia” and quality interactions with new knowledge
  • Integrated approach: to work with other teachers to create holistic learning experiences
  • Engagement: designing lessons through purposeful play

Teachers will work collaboratively, planning thematic units of disciplinary core ideas. Nature will be the focus. 

Many of the thematic units will introduce the child to STEAM.

Various physical activities will round out the children’s large and small motor skill development and self-confidence. Cooking and preparing food will also be an important aspect of the school, as children will learn, math, science and nutrition and healththrough the cooking experience.

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