Hadiqa: Classroom Communities

The organization of the school into communities with their respective meetings plays an important role in our overall behavior policy.  The communities and meetings evolve as children mature through the school. Kindergarten We give the youngest children in the school safety and security.  They have circle time, guided by an adult, in which they learnContinue reading “Hadiqa: Classroom Communities”

A community: having things in common

I define a community as a group of people who have things in common. Living in a community means coming to terms with that. It means sorting out how you will manage the things you have in common and defending your own space- what you don’t have in common.

Kindergarten: a natural space for children

Kindergarten children learn mostly through play. There are few formal lessons. However, through each activity and play, children will naturally learn important concepts in Mathematics and Literacy, as well as develop socially and emotionally. There will be mirrored activities in English and Arabic to reinforce vocabulary in both languages.