Teachers’ record-keeping

We limit our demands for information on both teachers and children. It is important to do this because we live in a world where it is often assumed that the more information the better. We do not agree with this. We think children benefit from times and spaces where they are not being watched, monitored, measured and controlled.

Admissions Policy

This is a private school. Does that make it elitist? I was thinking this over the other day as I was digging in the garden. In went the spade. Yes, of course it is elitist: the skills and abilities the school helps children to develop will put them on the path to rich and productiveContinue reading “Admissions Policy”

Flipping the Classroom

We are offering 40% of our curriculum online. As we were designing this school, this aspect led to some serious thinking. The reason we want to offer 40% at distance is to give flexibility to parents and children. It could be two days per week; it could be whole weeks of the school year. WhenContinue reading “Flipping the Classroom”