We are a small team running a small school. Here you can see the Senior Management Team. They are all leaders of their own teams and come together for SMT meetings to set policies and procedures for the whole school. We value the unique skills and abilities of every member of our team. Follow the links to see the staff at each level. We are looking for talented and experienced teachers: get in touch!

Jason Preater


.I’ve been with this project from the beginning. We imagined a school that would be set in nature and where kids were not chained to desks. We came up with the four key concepts that guide us:

  • compassion
  • community
  • dialogue
  • nature

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Juana Pérez


I’m responsible for giving the school sound financial legs. I also manage all the non-teaching staff.

See the Non-teaching Team here

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Maria Montessori

Head of Hadiqa

I am the team leader for Hadiqa and Preschool. I have loads of experience as a primary school teacher and really believe in giving children a humane, child-centred education

See the Hadiqa Team here

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Leonard Turton

Head of Sama

Sama is my baby. I lead the two teams for Junior and the Clubhouse. I like to think this is the heart of the school, where children really get to grips with Freedom of Choice of Action

See the Sama Team here

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Roger Rabbit

Head of Bahr

I am the team leader for Bahr. Students come into the Upper and Senior School with passionate convictions. Here we use those passions to build world-class skills.

See the Bahr Team here

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Javier Bronchalo

Head of Distance Learning

I coordinate the 40% distance learning option in the school and manage the teachers who are not associated with one community in particular.

See the Teaching Team here

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Want to work with us?

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