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There are two communities in Sama- Junior and Clubhouse- but the teachers all work together. Leonard is the team leader.

Lead Teacher CH 7B

Lead Teacher Year 7: Science

I have a degree in Biology and am passionate about ecology and the Natural World. Key Stage 3 children are interested in the world and this is the beginnings of science. We teach them how to ask good questions and set up experiments. The theme of the phase is the Sky so we focus a lot of attention on flight, climate and the weather. We extend the theme into breathing and quality of air.

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Lead Teacher CH 7A

Lead Teacher Year 7: Arabic

I love Arabic literature. It can be tough for second language learners to get used to the language, but when they hear the sound of the poetry being recited it stirs them and gets them motivated. I work with my colleagues in Hadiqa and Bahr to ensure that there is continuity across the phases.

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Leonard Turton CH 6B

Head of Phase

I have a lifetime experience of this kind of education. I particularly know how to set up the environment so that it works for kids. I am in charge of the activity rooms and resourcing. The Clubhouse has meetings once a week- aside from whatever meetings class teachers want to offer- and I help to make them smooth and efficient. I also bring the Sama team together for meetings to discuss how things are going and form plans. On this page you can only see the teaching staff, but we also have teaching assistants who are invaluable members of the team.

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Lead Teacher CH 6A

Lead Teacher Year 6: Maths

I’m a Maths specialist and coordinator for Sama and Key Stage 3. At MBAT we like to put ideas into practice and mathematics is no exception. When teachers are devising projects, I help them to see where the mathematics dimension. Good class teaching is the backbone of the maths curriculum. I help all teachers at this level to use the flipped classroom model to its best effect both for the benefit of distance learners and the kids in the school. It’s a great resource!

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Lead Teacher Junior A

Lead Teacher Year 5: Literacy and English

I have a background in literacy and English teaching and am passionate about performance. The end of Key Stage 2 is a great moment for children. They are really competent in so many areas and we can give them a lot of opportunities to be creative. I work closely with my colleague year 5 teacher and the other teachers in Hadiqa. I am the Parental Engagement Coordinator for Sama. Parents are a great resource and we like to keep the channels of communication open at all times.

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Lead Teacher Junior B

Lead Teacher Year 5: PE and Sports

I am an experienced Key Stage 2 teacher. I understand how to help children to achieve the levels they are expected to reach in Key Stage 2. I work closely with the KS2 coordinator from Hadiqa. i have a background in sports education and PE, so I work throughout Sama to promote physical activity and healthy living.

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